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Student Projects: Graney Dracula

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Graney Dracula Assignment



This year’s research paper poses the following question:

How is the male dominated society of the Victorian Age reflected in the Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula?

In order to complete your research paper you must first research what is meant by the phrase ‘male dominated society’ as it pertains to the Victorian Period (1830-1900). With that knowledge in mind, determine how three of the following societal elements are reflected in Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula?

Societal elements: 1. Sexual   2. Family / Domestic   3. Career   4. Educational   5. Religious

As you research this question, be sure to include Dracula’s relationship with the female characters, both fanged and otherwise.

Requirements and prohibitions:

  1. Paper’s thesis statement must be underlined, no guess work on my part.
  2. Length of paper:              Four complete pages with an additional Works Cited page (Yes, that means a total of 5)
  3. Style:                                     Modern Language Association (MLA)
  4. Format:                                                Typed, 12 point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced
  5. Sources:                               A minimum of four sources, all of which must come from Sun Valley’s MIC Lib Guide
  6. In text citations:               No fewer than eight and no more than ten in-text citations per paper
    1. No block quotes and no quotes longer than 20-words
  7. Produce a minimum draft of at least two pages on May 16,  2016
  8. Early submissions are welcomed
  9. Typed hard copy of paper is due no later than 3 PM on May 27,  2016


Scoring rubric for research paper – Total 100 points


Writer demonstrates awareness of assignment – Max. 20 Points

[Additional points will be subtracted if paper does not address the prompt]

Paper includes sufficient data / evidence to support claims – Max. 20 Points

Connects claims and reasons with effective syntax and mature vocabulary – Max. 20 Points

Paper is well organized, has a logical flow, and is typo free – Max. 20 Points

Follows above requirements and prohibitions without variance – Max. 20 Points